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The Meeker - New Zealand
Student Exchange Program


Kiwi Visit 2012

The Citizens of the World Ambassadors
traveled to the USA
September 15 - October 10

While the ambassadors were
traveling, we posted photos
(and more) of their adventure

Invercargill Tacoma
Click the clocks for weather, telephone dialing codes, and more

The COTW Ambassadors were featured in the Southland Times:
"James Hargest kids off to the US."

Flight Status ~ Links we used to track the flights as the ambassadors returned home.

Calendar ~ What the ambassadors were be up to each day.

Blog ~ The ambassadors kept a journal of their adventures - we add links and present it as a web log.

Images ~ Photos we received and shared while the ambassadors were traveling.

Host Families ~ Have a look at who is stayed with whom.

Meet the ambassadors in this image album.